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Marie Curie


Utilization of Industrial by-products and waste in environmental protection

Seventh Framework Programme
Marie Curie Actions
International Research Staff Exchange Scheme


Duration: 1.4.2013-31.3.2017


nvironmental pollution is a global problem. Unsustainable production of goods, improper treatment of the waste, emissions to air and water, and inadequate legislation causes growing problems to human beings and nature. The urgent need for reducing environmental load coming from industry, agriculture and communities demands for novel ways of thinking. NO-WASTE collaboration will attack to this current problem by developing environmentally sound and sustainable possibilities to utilize and valorize wastes and emissions.

The aim is to create valuable new products and renewable energy to minimize the waste as well as emission to air and water. As a tool to achieve this aim, catalysis plays an important role. In addition, the sustainability of the each planned utilization case will be evaluated. The cases are related to hydrogen and synthesis gas production from waste, utlization of CO2, organic gases and agricultural waste, and development of new products created by optimized hydrothermal carbonization process. This ambitious aim and wide operational area demands for extensive collaboration, but also forms a great possibility to widen the network after NO-WASTE. The exchange months during this four years program grows up to 205 months and the planned transnational network brings togeather experts of different disciplines from Finland, France, Germany, Brazil, Morocco and China. During the collaboration a solid basis for further collaboration will be established.

The general aim of the project is the creation of a long-term cooperation network to the sustainable production and waste material utilization that will futher create an established framework for the researchers to transfer the know-how between the research groups and to improve our environment based on the results obtained during the collaboration. This exchange program aims to contribute to the reduction of solid, liquid and gaseous waste of several polluting industries, agriculture and communities by transferring the waste to valuable products.

The project kick-off was held in Oulu 4.-5.4.2013.